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Ingredient Disclaimer

Listing the ingredients included in our products is purely for informational purposes only and to assist customers in making an informed decision when ordering items from Milk & Bubbles.  While many of the ingredients listed have been shown to contain certain properties and benefits, we are not suggesting (explicitly or implicitly) that any of those benefits transfer to any of the products on this website or that you will receive those benefits by using products with certain ingredients. 

None of our soaps, body, or bath products have been tested or approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration.   

We are not purporting that any of the products you purchase from Milk & Bubbles will cure any skin or medical conditions.  

If you have a medical or skin condition, please consult the advice of a licensed physician regarding your condition and to seek treatment.

Appearance and Fragrance Disclaimer

Milk & Bubbles products are made by hand and in small batches for quality and creative control.  That's a fancy way of saying that every single batch we make is different, especially when it comes to artisan soaps.  The beauty of making artisan soap is experimenting with different designs and we tend to change the design of our soaps with every season.  Even within a single batch, every bar of soap is different,  We do, however, use the same recipe and the same amount of fragrance to maintain consistency. 

We do not create, formulate or manufacture fragrances, essential oils, or colorants.  We order those items from various suppliers and sometimes suppliers (due to shortages) may change the formula, though the difference isn't usually noticeable.   

That being said, we understand having favorites (we have our own!), thus when it comes to fragrances and essentials oils, we maintain consistency by ordering from the same supplier or in large batches.  

Personal Responsibility

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No Guarantees

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