How it all started

My journey to making my own bath and body products began during my second semester of law school when I suddenly had a horrible eczema attack that included patches all over my body.  The itching (and scratching) was unbearable.  I went to a doctor and he gave me a huge tub of cream.  

Every single ingredient was at least 13 letters long.  The eczema went away, only when I used the cream, but it always came back. I ditched the cream and took to the internet to research natural remedies, and the rest is history. 

Back to my roots

During that journey, I rediscovered my love and knowledge for natural remedies while growing up in Liberia.  I suddenly remember the Aloe plant we had in our yard that we used to soothe itches, or the Hibiscus plant we soaked in water to get a deep red juice, and finally, the palm nuts we harvested to get rich palm oil - which we mixed with lye to make soap.   

Our Values

Our top priority is to make amazing, wholesome, natural products that will enhance your care routine.  Our plan is to do that by using quality ingredients, meticulously formulating our products, and manufacturing and selling our products in an eco-friendly way.  

Our ingredients are carefully sourced to include like-minded businesses and to give back to our community.  

Our products

Our products are freshly made with natural and ethically sourced ingredients – always. This is of the utmost importance to us. Our products are handmade by our team locally and always go through quality testing before getting shipped out to you!

We love our loyal customers and are always open to discuss natural products and ingredients with anyone looking to make the switch for their bath + beauty products! Please reach out and get in touch with us if you'd like to chat or have any questions about our values + products.