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Dallas, TX

Milk & Bubbles is a Dallas TX based online bath and body boutique. We focus on creating products inspired by nature and out of love for natural health and beauty. 

We work hard to research and create with a comprehensive outlook on health, resources, and sustainability. Our products are designed to renew your mind, body, and to take away the guess work in product ingredients. All items are proudly made in the USA! 

Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Bath Milk, Lip Balms, Body Scrubs, Body Butter, Goat's Milk Soap, Glycerin Soaps, Face Scrubs, Face Masks, and more! Everything is handcrafted, with items customized towards sensitive skin. Many of our products are vegan and fragrance free! 


Getting Ready for Houston = First blog post!!

Stephanie Serhal

Ok, so for those of you that have been to this page before, you might have noticed that there has never been a blog post.....but that changes today!!!! Today, Sunday May 1st 2016, is the day I officially begin blogging my journey (with bad grammar and all) and getting to know all of you!

So besides getting ready for celebrating the Orthodox Easter by having dinner at a friend's house in Denton tonight, I have been working on several things. Namely, my new awesome chocolate soap. Most people are like, "OMG, smells amazing I want to eat it." Trust me, it does, but it's also pretty awesome to use.

 Decadent Chocolate Soap

Decadent Chocolate Soap

Some of chocolate soap posing and curing at the same tme. ☝🏻☝🏻️☝🏻 What up!! It features 100% organic Dutch cocoa and looks like a brownie meets Reese's peanut butter cup. Two of my fave indulges by the way (not my waistline, but whatevs....). I've been working on this one for awhile and I believe I finally got the recipe down, so it will debut at Houston FleaStyle this coming weekend! Deets for the event can be found here

I'm also bringing along some of these little beauties :) My blood orange soaps! I debuted  these at the FleaStyle show in Dallas back in a March and they were a big hit. This time they will be back in mini. 


 Blood Orange Soap

Blood Orange Soap

Here they are! In all their citrus-y awesomeness.  😍😍


Ok, this is probably enough chatter for a Sunday morning and I need another cup of coffee. Everyone have a wonderful day & don't forget to follow me on insta @milkandbubbles 😘